Kieran Sheehan

Art Director
& Motion Designer

Project Name
Smiley Dogg Tattoo Studio -  Logo Refresh
1 Month

With this brand I was tasked with refreshing a local popular tattoo studio. They wanted to show professionalism, class, the talent within the studio and express that they are a trustworthy studio. The brief required me to consider merchandising and ability to expand the brand beyond just a business card or external hoarding.

With all this in mind, I decided to create a bespoke typeface that would consist of two parts as well as the logo being able to scale according to application. The outcome submitted consisted of the custom typeface and the mascot “Smiley”. The logo displays a level of class and professionalism while lending itself to reproduction on clothing either as a whole logo or having the ability to market Smiley separate from the lettering. We also see the companies routes in the intricacy surrounding the main section, with waving lines calling back to tattoo shading and displaying the studios proud location in Cork, Ireland.