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I am a Graphic & Motion Designer from Cork, Ireland based in Hamburg, currently working for the Peter Schmidt Group.

With a fierce love for all things design and the drive of curiosity I mostly enjoy working on branding based projects from concept to finalisation. Everything from the kerning of the typography to how I can make the brand come to life with motion. 

I am constantly learning and developing as an individual and do not let technical problems get in the way of progress. I have a constant drive to always improve myself, were by a lot of the tools I know are self taught, so that these new skills and ideas can reflect on my work and ability to contribute to my team.



I am also available for some freelance graphic and/or motion work. 

Peter Schmidt Group
Apr 2019 - Present
Hamburg/Frankfurt, Germany

Coolgrey Creative Agency
May 2018 - Apr 2019 / Freelance
Cork, Ireland

9 White Dear
Cork, Ireland

What else?


In my free time have a passion for motorbikes and would often spend my weekends riding around Ireland on two wheels. I love photography and enjoy mixing the two hobbies together were I can.

Now in Germany I still enjoy exploring my local area and when I can hope on a train to the nearest town/city.

Say hi!


You can find me posting my shots on Instagram, trying to figure out LinkedIn, expressing the odd thought on Twitter or some old fashion email kieransh[at]gmail[dot]com.

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